Individual Tax Credits

Arizona Independent Schools Scholarship Foundation


The net cost is zero.
The difference is priceless.

Arizona offers its residents an opportunity to redirect a portion of their Arizona income tax obligation in support of the financial aid program of their favorite independent school. Participants then receive a dollar-for-dollar credit toward their Arizona state income tax obligation.

With your tax credit contribution to AISSF, we can help fund scholarships to students with financial need. You may make your contribution online or send a check or your credit card information by mail. Thanks to your support of independent school education, Arizona students can look forward to a brighter future.

Timing and Amounts for Individual Tax Credit Contributions

Individuals may claim a dollar-for-dollar credit against their Arizona state tax liability when they make a contribution to AISSF. Those contributions provide need-based scholarships for students attending our member schools.

individual tax credits

You may contribute to two individual tax credit programs: the original/first and the switcher/second. You must fully fund the original/first tax credit before contributing to the switcher/second tax credit program. However, a single credit card transaction may include both tax credit contributions

Contributions made on or before May 15, 2022 are eligible for credit on your 2021 Arizona state income tax return.

To mail in a donation, download our printable form.

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