Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona Independent Schools Scholarship Foundation


Can I designate my tax credit contribution to a particular student?

No. AISSF policy strictly adheres to financial need criteria and does not allow designation of the student recipient. However, a contributor may designate which member school will receive benefit of his/her gift.

Can I direct my funds for students at a specific school?

Yes, you may designate that your funds be used for students at a specific school as long as they are an AISSF member school (Phoenix Country Day School, The Gregory School, and/or Desert View Learning Center). Funds not designated will be used for scholarships made at the discretion of the board of directors.

If I make a gift to a member school directly, can it be counted as a tax credit?

No. To be eligible for a tax credit your contribution must be made to AISSF.

When can I make a tax credit contribution?

You may make a contribution to the foundation, which will qualify for the individual tax credit, at any time. Contributions received on or before April 15, 2025 are eligible for a 2024 Arizona state income tax credit.

What tax forms do I use to claim the tax credits?

For the most up-to-date forms, please visit the AZ DOR website.

May I also make an additional tax credit contribution to the public schools or other charitable organizations?

Yes, please do! There are several tax credit programs available in Arizona including credits for public schools, qualifying charitable organizations, foster care organizations, and the military relief fund. Arizona taxpayers can participate in all of them! For more information visit the AZ DOR and the AZ Department of Veterans' Services.

The Gregory School

Phoenix Country Day School

Desert View Learning Center